Bingo paper is printed in a variety of master sheet configurations to give hall operators & players plenty of options to choose from. Different layouts are made available when the bingo paper is cut from a master sheet.
Choose from a single card (1S1) up to a full 36 ON (36S6) sheet (36 cards). Combine different cuts and colors with the different series to add variety and excitement to your bingo sessions.
Cut Selection Examples and Terminology
Paper Cut Description
In each cut description, the first numeric character(s) denotes the total number of faces on that particular cut referred to as "On" ex. 3on- is a 3 vertical face cut per sheet;Layout is defined by: vertical, horizontal, or square (V, H, or S). Up refers to the number of sheets in a collated book.
Popular Cuts
Cut   Layout  #Down  #Across
3on vertical 3 1
4on square 2 2
6on vertical 3 2
9on square 3 3
12on horizontal 3 4
18on vertical 6 3
1on 3V 4S 6V 9S 18on
Color Rotation and Product Lines
We offer standard color rotations and specialty collations. Please call us for more information about our speciality offerings.