Industry Leading Handhelds
Featuring more enhanced, high-res graphics, this portable, touch-screen, with integrated stand, includes a series of animations, featuring our canine mascot, “Champ.” The tablet’s 80/20 split screen allows simultaneous play of bingo and a variety of Video King’s Class II, credit-based games.

The CHAMP-e™ –a whole new dimension in gaming – features more enhanced, high-res graphics in a portable, touch-screen tablet, allowing simultaneous play of bingo and a variety of Video King’s Class II, credit-based games.
The TAB-e™ boasts the same fine features of our Champion II™ gaming tablet – only smaller in size. The touch-screen tablet is capable of playing hundreds of cards per game at the same time as a multitude of Video King’s most popular, credit-based games
Powertouch Consoles: 24 Number and Super Bonus
State of the Art Touchscreens
Multi-functional and filled with tons of games to choose from, our consoles will enhance your bingo experience.

Video King Powertouch Consoles
Industry leading touchscreen consoles offer the reliability and style needed to bring your game into the next era of bingo. With a variety of screen sizes, these consoles will maximize your space and offer another level of play for your business. Reliability is KING, call today for a quote.
24 Number and SUPER BONUS
Unique game designs to enhance your players experience. We offer the variety your players need to stay excited and engaged. There is something for everyone!
Pull-Tab Machines
Expertly Installed and Serviced Pull-Tab Machines
We offer professionally installed machines to fit any need, backed by our industry leading service department. You will never have to worry about down time again.
Tab Dispensers and Counters
The ultra-fast and reliable ticket dispensers are the ultimate pull tab ticket selling tool! delivering unmatched performance, security, and accuracy! These machines will bring your game to the next level and beyond.
Electronic Tab Machines
Filled with tons of games and prizes, enjoying pull-tabs in stunning HD quality graphics has never been easier. Easy to install and easy to use, add the flair you need to engage your players.
Flashboards and Blowers

New and Used Flashboards
We offer the highest quality new and refurbished equipment to meet your needs. Call us for sizing solutions and pricing.
Premium Consoles and Blowers
Our top of the line consoles add the style and function you need to maintain your game at the highest levels. We offer new products with factory warranty and our free service and repair package with all purchases.

Products to fit any need
Best In the Business
Our professional installers full-service install and repair. We will work with you to find the best products and setups so your game goes as smooth as possible. No matter how large or small your game is, we have the solution. Call us today for your free consultation.